Visit Palmse Manor’s Parks and Gardens Free of Charge

Palmse manor and open air museum inaugurate their summer season on June 6, and in this connection, their parks and gardens are open for visitors free of charge throughout the season. The director of the Foundation of Virumaa Museums said: ‘We have been able to develop enough new services to let our guests visit the parks and gardens free of charge.’ With a modest fee, visitors can see six separate exhibitions and find interesting things to do in the courtyard of crafts, the smithy, and the pottery. The ticket also includes riding with a pony- or horse-drawn barouche and a boat ride.

New attractions officially opened on June 6:

  • Installation and sculpture exhibition ‘Game’ in the storehouse’s A room – the exhibition includes the works of Tiiu Kirsipuu, Leonhard Lapin, Hannes Starkopf and others
  • The exhibition ’13 Ghosts’ in the storehouse’s B room – the exhibition explores the ghost theme in various manors and it also includes a separate room that is haunted by Betsy, the Lady of Palmse Manor and in which mysterious things take place
  • The manor’s orangery was reopened after full renovation and its new exhibition of 130 different plant species was put together with the help of Tallinn Botanic Gardens
  • The crafting yard by the malt barn gives visitors a chance to try simple wood carving and making pottery, feed hens, herd geese, swing, learn to drive a horse, and try milking cows.

Guests can visit eight buildings, the restaurant Peter Ludwig, which offers choice dishes and coffee, and the manor’s tavern, which offers traditional Estonian dishes.