Dolce far niente – A Sweet Moment of Repose

OrangeryManor HouseBathhouseManor Park
Programmi kestus: 
ca 1,5 tundi
25 €/in.

The programme includes:

  • getting to know the history of the manor
  • a small concert
  • tasting of local wines
  • exhibition of exotic plants
  • coffee brake

Come and get acquainted with the historical atmosphere of Palmse manor and partake in the lord of the manor’s pleasures. The baroque manor house gives an overview of manor life 150 years ago. In the stately hall, you can appreciate live music true to the era, enjoy delicious truffles, and delight in the balcony view to the most beautiful manor park in Estonia.

In the wine cellar, you can tickle our taste buds with different varieties of Estonian berry wine. The newly renovated orangery gives an opportunity to see exotic plants that were, despite the cruel weather, grown here already hundreds of years ago. In the romantic restaurant, you may enjoy the idyllic view to the manor park while having a slice of cake and an invigorating cup of coffee.