An Interesting Day in Palmse Manor

OrangeryManor HouseSmithyFarm Labourers’ HouseManor Park
Programmi kestus: 
1,5 tundi (Ettetellimisel 10.mai - 30.september)
9 €/ õpilane

Glance at the everyday life of the lord of the manor and the peasant.

In the grandious manor house, you will get an overview of the manor’s history and the lives of the lords of the manor. In the freshly renovated orangery, you can see exotic plants that, despite the harsh weather, were grown here already 150 years ago. In the farm labourers’ house, you can get acquainted with the peasants’ everyday life and duties by trying out some of the easier chores and tasting their simple dishes.

You can play an interesting adventure game in the manor park. The best receive rewards.

Spend an interesting day in Palmse manor!