Hunting Dog Day and Estonian Hound Show

Manor Park

Organisers: Environmental Board, Foundation of the Museums of Virumaa, Estonian Kennel Union, Estonian Hunters’ Association, Non-profit Organisation Estonian Hound, Estonian Hunting Dog Breeders’ Society

The purpose of the day is to introduce and popularise hunting dogs as family-friendly pets. Various hunting dog breeds, including sighthounds, bird dogs, hounds, terriers, etc. Demonstrations of hunting styles. The basics of dog keeping. The special topic is the only local breed – the Estonian Hound.


The court in front of the manor house
11.00 opening and words of welcome
Introduction of hunting dog breeds

12.00 the Estonian Hound match-show, refereed by Maret Kärdi, Estonia

Large court
13.00-15.00 demonstrations of hunting styles:

  • Greyhound racing
  • Pointing dog’s job
  • Retrieving a bird from water
  • Blood trail
  • Artificial burrow

For children: an opportunity to get to know the dogs better over the day and try or practice presenting a dog. There are surprises and competitions.

On the whole territory:

  • Dog-themed advice booth
  • Short seminars and lectures: Dogs in Manors, Dog Behaviour, Using Dogs in Hunting, etc.
  • Introducing Estonian Kennel Union and Estonian Hunters’ Association and their activities
  • An exhibition introducing Estonian Kennel Union and the Estonian Hound
  • Fun activities for the whole family
  • The fairground contains everything a dog might need.

16.00 Discussion – The Future of the Estonian Hound

18.00 Evening programme

An exhibition introducing the life of the lords of the manor, the newly renovated orangery with exotic plants, budgerigars, and koi, spirits exhibition in the ox stable, handicraft courtyard and small animal enclosure by the malt barn, the smithy, the sculptures exhibition ‘Play’ and the exhibition ’13 Ghosts’ in the storehouse are open for visitors in Palmse manor.

The exposition in Lahemaa National Park’s Visitor Centre introduces the national park’s natural and cultural goods and their preservation.


Environmental Board, Lahemaa National Park – Ave Paulus 53327893
Foundation of the Museums of Virumaa, Palmse manor - Kaidu Tiirik 5076183
Estonian Hunters’ Association - Andres Lillemäe 565162
Estonian Kennel Union - Helle Kärdi 5238060
Non-profit Organisation Estonian Hound - Piret Voort 55567898
Estonian Hunting Dog Breeders’ Society - Aili Pärtel-Beljaev 5119978

7 €/ 5 €
Sunday, 2015, August 16 - 11:00am